The Blessed Names of The Prophet ﷺ

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Imam Al Jazuli lists out 201 names of The Prophet ﷺ in the Dala'il Al Khayrat. Click on this link to read them in Arabic, with an English translation. We will go through a small number of them in this post, with more to come in subsequent posts insha'Allah.

In a well-known Hadith, The Prophet ﷺ said:

I have many names: I am Muhammad, I am Ahmad, I am al-Mahi through whom Allah obliterates unbelief, and I am Hashir (the gatherer) at whose feet people will be gathered, and I am ‘Aqib (after whom there would be none), and Allah has named him as compassionate and merciful.

Examining each of these names in detail:

1. Muhammad
Muhammad is an emphatic form of hamd, which means (1) praised abundantly and (2) the most praiseworthy. This is due to his countless virtues; or because Allah Himself praised The Prophet ﷺ numerous times in the Qur’an, as did the past prophets, the angels, and righteous believers. In the past and the present, all the people praise the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. On the Day of Resurrection all will be under his banner, which will be known as the Banner of Praise (liwa’ al-hamd).

2. Ahmad
The meaning of Ahmad is the one who praises the most. The Prophet ﷺ praised Allah the most in the dunya. At the time of seeking intercession The Prophet ﷺ will praise Allah so much and so emphatically - no one before him would have ever praised Allah as much. The Prophet ﷺ has said: “At that time. I will be inspired to praise Allah Most High with praise not inspired to me before this moment".

3. Al Mahi
Al Mahi means The Eraser, or The Effacer. This name refers to the status of the Prophet as the one through whom Allah obliterates ignorance and disbelief.

4. Al Hashir
Al Hashir means The Gatherer. This refers to the Prophet’s status of being the gatherer on the day of Resurrection. All the People will be gathered behind the Prophet ﷺ.

5. Al Aqib
Al Aqib means The Final. This refers to the Prophet Muhammad being the last of the Prophets after whom there would be no other prophets.

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